Unbundled Legal Services


At Wolf & Fox, we understand that one size does not fit all.  Each case is unique and may require different amounts of legal assistance.  While some clients require our representation through every aspect of a case, others may just need help with drafting a document while they perform the other aspects of the case on their own.  In other circumstances, a client may want legal services, but only has limited funds avalable.  To accommodate this reality and ensure that all people have access to legal services regardless of their budget or abilities, Wolf & Fox is now offering "unbundled" or limited scope representation as part of its suite of services.

Limited scope representation, commonly referred to as “unbundling,” is when an attorney and a client agree that the attorney will handle some parts of a case and the client will handle all of the other aspects of the case on their own. This is much different than a more traditional arrangement where an attorney is hired to provide legal services on all aspects of a case from start to finish. 

When you hire an attorney in a limited scope of representation, the attorney only does those specific tasks that you, the client, and the attorney agree upon in advance. For example, if you simply need assistance in completing forms or reviewing a document or contract that has already been drafted, hiring an attorney in a limited scope capacity may be an attractive, economical option.

With unbundling and limited scope representation, a client receives and pays for only those services the client wants.  This allows the client to retain full control over the case and the legal expenses. If you feel you cannot or do not want to pay for an attorney to handle your case from start to finish, limited scope representation and unbundling may be a cost effective solution.

Wolf & Fox provides both comprehensive all-inclusive traditional client representation as well as limited scope representation; however, not all legal matters lend themselves to unbundling. To find out what options are available to you, simply schedule a free consultation with an attorney at Wolf & Fox to discuss your legal matter and your options.