Employment Matters & Disputes

We Successfully Guide Businesses through Employment-Related Issues

Navigating the realm of employment laws and regulations can be a daunting task. Employment claims are on the rise and ensuring compliance with the quickly change laws can be difficult. Without help from a skilled and experienced business law attorney, you or your employees may be subjecting your business to liability without even knowing it. 

The Employment, Labor, and Benefits Practice Group at Wolf & Fox offers a full suite of integrated services required by management in the workplace.  Our lawyers focus on problem prevention, proactive counseling, and helping you comply with federal, state and local laws that affect employee relations - with the goal of meeting your operational needs and reducing the risk of costly litigation. When internal complaints arise, we assist you with confidential internal investigations. If employment related claims are filed, we are fully capable of handling the defense of the employment litigation through the EEOC or in court.

For more than 25 years, the New Mexico law firm of Wolf & Fox has helped business owners throughout the Albuquerque area manage all legal aspects of their company, including the resolution of disputes with employees.  We pride ourselves on having the answers employers need to make informed decisions when handling any business law matter, including employment disputes — whether this happens inside or outside the courtroom.

We are Your Trusted Guide to Any Resolution

Wolf & Fox is a name business owners in New Mexico know and trust to resolve any employment dispute including those concerning:

  • Employment agreements
  • Employee discipline
  • Employee manuals and policies
  • Termination of employment
  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation in the workplace
  • Supervisor and management actions
  • Employee handbooks
  • Compliance with the department of human resources

We also draft and negotiate employment-related agreements, such as contracts with managers and executives, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, and separation agreements.

Training Your Workforce is Critical

 The actions of your workforce can expose your business to liability without you even knowing about it. It is important that all of your employees are fully trained about legal issues that impact the workplace. Wolf & Fox has developed an Employment Law Institute designed to inform and engage your company’s leadership with high quality education and training in the area of employment law and human resources. Those sessions can take place at our firm's offices or at you work sites. Depending on your needs, the training can be provided to all employees or focused on those individuals within your management and leadership team. Programs focus on all aspects of legal issues facing employees, human resources professionals, benefits administrators, in-house counsel and other senior managers. Courses include topics on hiring and recruitment, disciplining and terminating employees, and overall management and leadership training such as:

  • Avoiding Bad Hires and Developing Successful Exit Strategies
  • Managing Employees and Their Performance
  • Effectively Using Performance Management to Reduce Retaliation Claims
  • Systemic Approaches to Eliminating Discrimination and Sexual Harassment 
  • Mistakes in Reductions in Workforce 
  • Conducting Proper and Defensible Internal Investigations
  • Responding to Charges of Harassment and Discrimination
  • Managing Leave Under FMLA
  • Disabilities: When Must Reasonable Accommodation Be Made and What is Reasonable
  • Ensuring Compliant Implementation of Wellness Programs

Let the Wolf & Fox Employment Law Institute educate your workforce in order to minimize liability for employment related claims in your company.

Let Us Be Your Guide to a Resolution

 We believe business owners need to take a pro-active approach to their business and employment matters if they hope to avoid potential legal issues.  At our firm, our attorneys make this possible by training our clients on management and prevention methods, educating them on the law and how it applies to their business, and helping them find the best ways to handle potentially contentious legal situations.