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We Take The Right Steps In Drunk Driving Cases

 Whether you are facing a first drunk driving arrest or accused of being a repeat offender, Wolf & Fox, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, can help. We provide a criminal defense that focuses on protecting your rights, preserving your driving privileges, keeping you out of jail, and avoiding heavy fines.

DWI vs. DUI Charges in New Mexico

 Both DWI and DUI refer to the illegal act of operating a vehicle while impaired by drugs and/or alcohol. DWI stands for "driving while intoxicated" while DUI stands for "driving under the influence." The main difference between DWI and DUI is the substance impairing the driver. Typically, a DUI is charged if drugs or illegal substances other than alcohol are affecting the driver.  

Aggressive DWI and DUI Defense Lawyers

Being charged with DWI or DUI in New Mexico can have serious consequences, especially when you do not understand the criminal justice system or the defenses available to you. The penalties may include a jail sentence, suspension of driving privileges, the installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, and alcohol or drug screening classes. Given these very high stakes, it is important to have a qualified attorney to defend your case.

At Wolf & Fox, we have an experienced criminal defense team that will comprehensively analyze the facts of your case and prepare the best legal defense on your behalf. The goal in every DWI and DUI case is to determine whether a legal or factual argument can be made that can result in a dismissal of the charges or an acquittal after trial, or alternatively, to mitigate the penalties associated with a conviction. Each DWI and DUI case is unique and our qualified attorneys will aggressively defend the charges against you.

Revocation of Your Driver's License

In New Mexico, if you refuse to submit to a breath or blood test, or if you provide a breath sample of .08 or higher if you are at least 21 years old or .02 or higher if you are under 21 years old, your driver’s license can be revoked 20 days after your arrest unless you make a timely written request for an administrative hearing.  


The administrative revocation is completely separate and unrelated to your criminal case. It is important that you timely request a hearing otherwise your license will automatically be revoked. Additionally, if convicted of DWI, your driver’s license can also be revoked.

Because the revocation of your driver’s license can be a damaging consequence of a DWI charge, it is important for you to understand the process and your rights.


The criminal defense attorneys at Wolf & Fox are fully aware of all deadlines involved with the revocation process and can assist you in timely requesting a hearing in order to stop the automatic revocation of your driver’s license. It is important for you to contact the experienced lawyers at Wolf & Fox immediately after your arrest to fully protect your rights.

Protect Your Future With Wolf & Fox, P.C.

The skilled and experienced defense attorneys at our firm will fight for you with the best defense possible. Our attorneys will look over evidence, re-interview witnesses if necessary, and recover all of the facts to defend you in your DWI case. We can represent you in your license revocation proceeding and advise you on your rights.