Domestic Violence

We Promptly Address Domestic Violence Allegations

The attorneys at Wolf & Fox in Albuquerque, New Mexico recognize that committing an act of domestic violence is never acceptable. However, being wrongfully accused of committing domestic violence is equally unacceptable. 

At our firm, our attorneys work to protect your rights in the event of domestic violence charges. We understand the full damage allegations can have and how matters can escalate after a criminal conviction. We will make sure your case is carefully reviewed and that you are getting fair treatment under the law.

Providing Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence offenses involve family members, current or former spouses, and partners or people who are dating or living together. Prosecutors will continue to pursue the case even in situations where the alleged victim wishes to drop all charges. Therefore, it is essential to have an experienced advocate on your side. 

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers have countless years of daily courtroom experience and are skilled at defending against all domestic violence related charges, such as:

  • Spousal abuse
  • Domestic abuse
  • Assault and battery
  • Restraining order violation

We Will Take A Proactive Role In Your Defense

Although the criminal justice system strongly asserts that you are innocent until proven guilty, people who are facing such serious charges recognize how easily their freedoms can be taken away following a conviction. You may be removed from your home, fired from your job, restricted from seeing your children, ordered to pay temporary spousal support or child support or scorned by family and friends — even before you have had the opportunity to present your case to the court. We counteract this injustice by moving promptly to prepare your defense and obtain your freedom.

We challenge every piece of evidence being used against you. We review any false accusations to challenge the credibility of the alleged victim.  Our goal is to eliminate or reduce all domestic violence charges.  We work hard to avoid the potentially damaging effect these charges can have on our clients’ records and the harsh penalties that can result from a criminal conviction.

We work hard to find a creative solution to the penalties you face if convicted. Our attorneys always fight for alternatives to jail, including counseling programs, anger management classes, rehabilitation, and community service.

Our criminal defense attorneys will evaluate and analyze police reports, witness statements, and other evidence to build the best line of defense for you against the domestic violence charge.

Take Action With Help From Wolf & Fox

Do not let domestic violence charges destroy your life, freedom, job, and family.  If you have been arrested for or charged with domestic violence, contact our experienced criminal defense team.  Our attorneys know the laws, paperwork and evidence necessary to provide a strong defense against these charges.  We will work diligently as a team and stay in regular communication with you regarding your case so you are always in the loop.