Divorce and Legal Separation

Managing Your Divorce Challenges

Divorce proceedings can be contentious or resolved amicably, depending on how spouses choose to approach negotiations and the issues at hand.  But one thing a divorce should not be is a do-it-yourself process.  You need help from an experienced family law attorney if you hope to avoid making potentially costly mistakes.

At the New Mexico law office of Wolf & Fox, we have seen the negative things that can happen when couples try to manage divorce issues on their own.  Even when things are uncontested, divorce is still a very complicated process that can have harmful results if not handled properly. We make sure our clients are prepared for divorce proceedings and are doing everything the right way the first time around.

What are your divorce options?

The path of a divorce can take you in many different directions. When you're looking for a Divorce Attorney in Albuquerque, Wolf & Fox is the Family Law Firm that will safely navigate you down whichever path your case may head. The family law attorneys at our firm have extensive experience handling all matters associated with the divorce process. 

Uncontested divorce proceedings – Even when divorcing spouses agree as to all issues in the divorce, we will ensure that other important details have not been overlooked and that the paperwork is drafted correctly to prevent problems in the future.

Contested divorce proceedings – Our skilled trial lawyers are ready to provide you with aggressive legal representation through the litigation process if necessary.

Mediation and Settlement Facilitation - Our experienced family law lawyers can serve as neutral mediators to help parties resolve their issues or represent you to ensure your interests are protected during the settlement process.

Property division negotiations – We ensure that all community property and debts are disclosed, that assets are property valued, and the division of community property, debts, real estate and business ownerships are fair and in your best interests.

Matters involving children - We can establish and enforce child custody orders and child support orders.

Alimony request – Our attorneys are skilled in both pursuing and defending against claims for spousal support.

Our Role In Your Divorce

For more than 25 years, the lawyers at Wolf & Fox have emphasized the need to treat our clients with the utmost compassion while at the same time taking the right steps to get matters resolved quickly and correctly.  We believe in giving you support and guidance every step of the way. We understand that what happens in your divorce will impact you and your family, so we encourage you to never hesitate to ask a question or voice concerns when working with any of our experienced family law attorneys. We are here to help and we want to make the divorce process as easy for you as possible. 

Legal Separation

In situations where divorce may not be the best option, we can ensure that property and debts are properly divided and that custody, timesharing, and support issues are addressed.