Albuquerque Divorce Attorney

 We handle all aspects of the divorce process including property and debt division, custody and timesharing, child support, and alimony and spousal support requests. 

Legal Separations

Legal Separations in New Mexico

In situations where divorce may not be the best option, we can ensure that property and debts are properly divided and that custody, timesharing, and support issues are addressed. 


Couples Mediation, Attorney, Albuquerque

Our experienced attorneys can serve as mediators to help parties resolve their issues or represent you to ensure your interests are protected during the settlement process. 

Child Custody & Visitation

Child Custody Attorney Albuquerque

Whether you live in New Mexico or anywhere else in the country, we can establish an enforceable custody and timesharing schedule for you and your children who reside in New Mexico. 

Child Support

Child Support Attorney Albuquerque

We can ensure that child support is properly calculated and help with collecting payments. 

Alimony and Spousal Support

Alimony Attorney Albuquerque

Our attorneys have the experience to maximize the amount and duration of spousal support for the spouse receiving support or to reduce the liability and exposure of the person paying.