Child Support

We Make Sure Your Child Is Supported

At Wolf & Fox, we understand that the financial stability you can provide your children is among your primary concerns as a parent. This is especially true if you are experiencing a divorce or separation, or if the other parent is not contributing to the support of your children. Our attorneys help to ensure your children receive the necessities and benefits they need from the incomes of both parents.

Calculating Child Support in New Mexico

Our family law attorneys can guide you through the process of calculating child support to ensure the correct amount of child support is being paid. In New Mexico, child support payments are based upon statutory guidelines that consider several factors, including:

  • Both parents’ gross income
  • Child timesharing arrangements
  • Health insurance costs
  • Day care costs
  • Special needs of the children (if applicable)

It is important to make sure that the income for each parent is correctly determined. Sometimes parents will under-report income or claim that they do not have any income at all. Other times a parent believes that the other parent earns far more money than they actually do.  Our attorneys at Wolf & Fox know family law and understand how to ensure the Court uses the correct amount of income for each parent, including imputing income to a parent claiming to have no money. We will work to protect the rights and interests of both you and your children. 

At any point after a support order is issued, if circumstances change significantly, we can work with you, the other parent, and the Court to modify an order to make sure that the amount of child support being paid remains in the children's best interests.